Emily Wilkinson

I am a born and raised Lubbockite and never thought I would still be here! But I love my job and having family close by has been amazing, especially with a child. I'm a mom to a threenager, Margaux, and wife to Justin. I currently work full time for the Texas Tech University System as the Director for the Public Art Collection and am working on my PhD in Higher Education Administration at Tech. I love seeing and embracing the growth that Lubbock has made lately in the arts scene and try to explore that as much as possible. I also love wine and good food. Favorite restaurant: King Street Pub, Favorite Landmark: Will Rogers Statue on the TTU campus, Favorite Lubbock Tradition: First Friday Art Trail
Family Camping

So, You Want to Take Your Family Camping

There seems to be a strict divide among vacation choices. “I’m a beach kind of girl” or “I want to stay in the city, no outdoorsy stuff for me.” I am here to tell...

Spring Break Activities in Lubbock

Spring Break... for some, that might cause unpleasant memories thinking of where we were at this time last year. We totally get that, and we feel it too. However, Spring is all about new...

Five Friday Favorites: Healthy Tips Edition

Happy Friday, mamas! I work full-time, am a mother to an almost 4-year-old girl, and a part-time Ph.D. student. I try my best to stay healthy to keep up with this crazy schedule, and...

Public Art 101

I love museums, art, music, basically all things cultural. I have been raised experiencing these things and knew it was important to expose my child to culture at an early age. But now that...