Jaime McCabe


Five Friday Favorites – Thanksgiving Edition

My favorite time of year is upon us, FINALLY! November is probably my favorite month, and Thanksgiving is at the top of my "favorite holidays" list. Growing up, it was one of our biggest...

I Am Not Shy, I Have Selective Mutism

This is Kason, my oldest child. He was born on October 13, 2015, and he changed my whole world. He was a cuddly 8lb 12oz bundle of joy with the most beautiful red hair...

I Wish I Had Known

  On May 8, 2011, my world was shattered. My life as I knew it was over. I never dreamed that I would be affected by suicide. No one ever expects it to happen to...

School Calendars for Districts in the Lubbock Area: 2021-2022

With the many school districts we have in the Lubbock area, it is often hard to keep up with certain dates. Every district seems to be a bit different than the next. Many of...

Five Friday Favorites – Baby Edition

Happy Fri-YAY! We made it, Mamas! Not that we really get much of a weekend with kids, but we made it nonetheless! As a mom of 3, you would think that by this time...

The Long-Lost Sister: From the Side of the “Found”

This picture was taken on the day that my dad met his other daughter. I grew up being the baby of 5 with one big brother and three big sisters. I was the only child...

Five Friday Favorites: April 9th Edition

Before having kids, Fridays meant something completely different for me than they do now. They meant going out with friends and staying out way too late. They meant getting to sleep in until noon...