Kristina Teaff


11 Healthy Snack Ideas for Your Kids

With your kids home all day during the summer, you're probably wondering why they are starving every 30 minutes. You know when they are in school, they can wait much longer to eat.  I've found...

14 Signs You Have Toddlers

14 signs you have toddlers in the house:   1. In an effort to teach your kid to be "helpful" they really just forgot what they were doing halfway through and didn't actually throw that diaper...

How to Shop “Healthy” at Grocery Stores in the Hub City

Its no secret to any of my friends that if you come to my house you'll get offered a "healthy" snack. Yes, I'm "that mom" who buys organic and "all natural," blah, blah, blah....

The Secret to Body Image No One Tells Us

A few months ago I went with some girlfriends to watch a documentary by Rachel Hollis. In this documentary, 700 women filled out a survey and admitted some hard truths. One of those truths...

Meet Kristina Teaff!

Hi Lubbock Moms! I’m Kristina. A 33-year-old, homeschool mom of 3 and a wife to a sweet, hardworking guy, Justin. My husband of almost 12 years was born and raised here in Lubbock and so...

Successful Day, Every Day

If you ask a successful mom about the things that have most contributed to her success, I think she’d probably say it’s the ability to focus and be intentional. Even amidst the chaos of...