Lacey Cole


Five Friday Favorites: April 23rd Edition

Who doesn’t love Friday? It’s definitely in my top five favorite days of the week. And speaking of favorites, I get to share some other favorites of mine with you this week! The list...

Being a Mother Can Be Extremely Rough – Poetry for the Soul

The Early Stages Seven A.M., how are you already here? I'm so tired that I can't even shed a tear. I need some coffee; please make it a triple! Because the baby spent all night sucking on my...

Help From a Stranger

At the time of this story, I was a brand new mom to my first son, Lincoln. Like many first time moms, I had no idea what I was doing and needed help more...

Girl, You Need To Get Out More

I recently went to lunch with a group of moms. Did I know any of them?  Nope. Was I a bit intimidated? Yep! Had I experienced this scenario before, also yep! When one of...

The Perfect Storm

Can you feel it yet? There’s been a chill in the air.  A new storm started with this latest health scare.  The clouds became dark and it started to rain. There’s so much confusion inside of my brain. I’m trying my best to...