Marisa Carrasco


To My Special Needs Child

To my “special needs” child, I’ve always hated that term, by the way. It always throws you into a generic box. “Special needs” like that sums up your needs in one statement... (Newsflash, World. It...

It Is OK to Not Always Be OK

As a special needs mom, I am often getting random advice from those who love me. “Please remember to take care of yourself also. Your mental health is so important as a special needs...

Tips for Approaching a Special Needs Child

You walk into a restaurant after church and of course, the wait is 45 minutes. No biggie. The kids aren’t starving so you know waiting won’t be a big deal. You grab the nearest...

Meet Marisa Carrasco!

My name is Marisa Carrasco (yes that is only 1 “s” in my name, I know that’s odd to most.) I am a Transaction Coordinator at a locally owned company that handles real estate...

A Day at the Ballpark

You travel a couple hundred miles with your family to watch your brother play baseball all weekend. You couldn't even sleep last night because you were so excited to go; watching your brother play...