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Raising Kids with Secured Identity

When you hear the word 'identity,' there is much that comes to mind. With my experience as a psychology major, a counselor by nature, and working with countless individuals as a pastor, I have...
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Consequences or Control

As moms, we feel that it's our job to raise well-behaved children. We go to the store, or anywhere for that matter, and hope that everyone recognizes the result of our excellent parenting skills. But...

All The Feels

What do you think about when you hear the word "emotion"? Or how about "emotional"? Does it carry a negative, positive, or neutral connotation, in your opinion? Emotions are something that everyone has and play...
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When Spouses Deal With Hard Times Differently

Coping, I believe, is a means of protecting ourselves through pain, trauma, or loss. This can begin at such a young age when we run into problems or issues we don't know how to...