Neely Yates Rawe

Hey y'all! I'm Neely. I was born and raised in Lubbock. I am a wife to Brandon, and mama to Finley, Wylie and Auggie. My husband and I own a multi-media marketing company here in town called Rawe Yates Media Group. If you need help with marketing and/or advertising your business, we are your people! We love helping our clients tell their story in the most unique way. When I'm not at work you can find me hanging out with my three little loves! Me and the kids love discovering new ways to have fun in the LBK! I am a lover of fried foods, chocolate, caffeine, online shopping, Texas Music and Dateline's Keith Morrison. And, I LOVE being a part of Lubbock Moms Blog. My kids give me LOTS to write about, and I appreciate you following along!

Being Thankful in 2020 – Is it Possible?

2020. Let that sink in. 2020. Still not any better, right? From this day forward, any time we hear mention of the year 2020, it will hold a negative connotation in our minds.  2020. Ahhh, the year that all...

Your Crazy is Someone Else’s Dream Come True

It's 7:06 AM... on a Saturday. Oh, how you longed to sleep past eight today. Just one time. It's the weekend after all. But, the kids had other plans. One by one, they march...

Being the New Kid at a New School

Sheltered: For the last three years, coddled, pampered, and downright sheltered. Two years of pre-k and one year of kindergarten at a place that provided outstanding teachers, security, comfort. Small classes. Familiar faces. Friends you...

I’m Jealous of My Husband

I have a confession. Please, don't think wrong of me for saying this. I am jealous of my husband. Now, before you start pointing fingers and telling me that I'm an awful person full...

Lesson From a Kid’s Meal

We had just left the drive-up window of a popular fast-food chain - one that we didn't venture to very often (Not because I wasn't sure if they used real meat on their hamburgers...

Ten Ways You Are a Great Mother

How to be a perfect mother. What? Don't you know either? I was hoping that maybe YOU could enlighten me because I SURE don't know the equation to be the perfect mother. The thing is, there...

Embrace the Chaos

Thirteen hours of labor, and you gave birth to a beautiful, bouncing, screaming ten-pounder. All you want to do is sleep and snuggle with this new little love of yours. But, all everyone else...

Why I Stay Home

If you are like me, you have been staying home for the last 9,422 days. Or, it sure seems like it's been that long. It can get mundane. It can be exhausting. It can...

The Silver Linings of Staying at Home

Picture if you will, I’m sprawled out on the floor by the kitchen island. A two-year-old sticking God knows what in my hair as he climbs up on my shoulders. I’m a little exasperated...

I Wasn’t There

You are lying on your play mat indulging in some tummy time when you roll over for the first time. I wasn't there. "Mama, mama, mama, mama." Your first word is mama. Every mom's dream, right?...