Before you freak out at the thought of someone adding one more thing to your to-do list during this pandemic, hear me out.  Want to check off something you’ve had on the back burner for a while?  Want to...

Juice, Juice, Baby!

  My husband came home one day over the moon about a juicer. Not just any juicer, at least not to him anyway, an Omega juicer. After having emergency gall bladder surgery earlier this year, he began researching juicers as...
About a year ago as my husband and I were reviewing our monthly budget, we realized that the amount of money we were spending on restaurant meals was, frankly, a little obscene. Plus - we had a refrigerator and...


I honestly think my family may have too many different traditions to count, which I absolutely love. When I was growing up, our entire family (all hundred of us) would all gather on Christmas Eve and have a huge...
When we were looking at houses a few years ago, we were short on time and budget. We had certain things we wanted in a house. At least 3 bedrooms, a playroom space, decent sized yard, and a large...

Meal Prep Sunday

My New Favorite Thing: Meal Prep Sunday Whether you’re a working-outside-the-home mom or a working-inside-the-home mom, we’re all running in a million directions all day, and by the time 6 o’clock rolls around the last thing you want to do...

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Lubbock Moms Holiday Advent Calendar!

Did you have an Advent Calendar when you were little? The anticipation of opening that little door to unlock the candy or treat inside...

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