Lubbock Moms Ultimate Local Gift Guide for 2021

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Recently, I saw a post that said:

“Remember this holiday season
if someone buys you a $30 gift, and they get paid $10 an hour,
they paid 3 hours of their life to get you that gift.
Be grateful.
It doesn’t have to cost $100 to hold value.”

That stuck with me.

I don’t know about y’all, but 2021 has been challenging.
A whole lot harder than 2020, and who saw THAT coming?!

I am a giver by nature and made it a mission to find creative ways to brighten the day of family and friends while shopping locally. Then the light bulb came on, and that’s how this list came about – the Ultimate [Local] Gift Guide – Under $50


Get ready, friends. There are some amazingly unique gifts on this list. 

Hub Love Crafts – The Jess Earrings ($16 – 20)

I love a good statement earring, but not a fan of the weight of some earrings. I also love silver jewelry, and for some reason, it is hard to find. I followed HubLove on Instagram (@hublove_tx) for a little over a year and had eye-balling the Jess earrings. I finally ordered a pair and, oh…my…word, these are now my go-to everyday earrings.

Every woman should own three pairs of earrings – a stud, a hoop, and a statement – the Jess earrings cover two of those three.

They come in brass (brushed gold) and silver and THREE different sizes. I got the large size in silver. These earrings are super lightweight, on-trend, and can be worn in any season as well as free of nickel and allergens. Did I mention they are hand-crafted and ship out of Shallowater?! Local shops that carry Hub Love Crafts are J. Hoffmans, Kadiza Hair Studio, Odds & Ends, and Stock Style Shop.


Mary Kay – White Tea & Citrus Satin Hands Pampering Set ($36)

I know you’re looking at this and thinking, “Multi-level marketing is not a small business.” Mary Kay is and always has been different.

With the recognizable signature pink Cadillac, Mary Kay has been helping women bring in extra income since 1963, letting all women know that caring for their skin and a good foundation is all you need to take on the day.

This ain’t your Grandma’s Mary Kay, and you’re probably reading this with your blue-light filtered readers and need a good night regimen. I’ve been using Mary Kay since I was 16.

The White Tea & Citrus Satin Hands set with the shower gel was gifted to me. I am typically not a fan of scented lotions, but the cool and fresh aroma of the White Tea & Citrus is a perfect blend.

I know. You can throw a rock and find a Mary Kay consultant, but mine is Loni Eads. She knows her product! She has a gift of looking at you and automatically finding shades and a routine that works for you. Loni provides a glamour experience at her Studio Pink as well as virtual consultations with samples included. 

Loni Eads, Mary Kay, Studio Pink 3318 83rd Street


Luxury Waxing – Eyebrow Wax + Tint ($37)

Currently, the hottest trend among women is eyelash extensions. However, I’m old-fashioned and love a good hot waxing solidifying on my eyelid and ripped off, causing my eyes to water in pure satisfaction followed by the ever-so-relaxing plucking of the strays afterward.

Luxury Waxing provides a wide variety of waxing services for men and women, and my favorite unisex gift is the eyebrow wax.

For research purposes, I allowed mine to grow out beyond the point that I would usually get them waxed to get the whole experience at my appointment.

Aaliyah was amazing! Before my appointment, I told her that my eyebrows were my signature and my motto is, “Don’t worry about me, worry about your eyebrows,” and mother nature has decided that she wanted to add some “natural highlights” to them so I wanted to try a tint. Aaliyah assured me there was no reason to be nervous, and she would walk me through and answer every crazy question I had. 

My experience was amazing! It was my first grown-up eyebrow wax and didn’t make my eyes water near as much as it had in previous years in nail salons. 

Luxury Waxing located in Salon 505: 3417 98th Street, 200.





Sugar + Six – Shower Gems & Bath Bombs ($4.50 – $21.50)

Sugar and Six also offers another gift that would be great for men and women. The shower gems are super simple to use; you unwrap, place one at the bottom of your shower, turn on the water, and it will activate. The menthol crystals and peppermint are the scents I distinctively recognize and make that shower when you’re just letting the water hit you, and you’re replaying your day even more relaxing. I guarantee that afterward, if you avoid getting on your phone and just lay down in bed, you’ll be relaxed and asleep within 30-minutes. The men like these too.

My little men love the donut-shaped bath bombs, they both have eczema, and these are the only ones they can use that don’t irritate their skin. They call it their “fizzy bath,” and when they ask for a fizzy bath, I know that I’ll get an extra 30-minutes of uninterrupted Momma Time. 

Destiny makes all of her products by hand. I came across her page, I think it was early 2020, and I saw her mixing lotions in a Kitchen Aid mixer! I was intrigued. I then found out she uses essential oils as well as other natural products. Walking into her store with all of the different scents will not have you leaving with a headache. She has the perfect stocking stuffers or little “gems” to attach a card to and give to your work friends or even your child’s teachers. 

Sugar + Six is located at 4914 50th Street.


Fragrance of Heaven – Lubbock Mom Strong ($7 – 18)

Fragrance of Heaven offers the fun experience of creating your signature scent. I went in to create a scent for Lubbock Moms, and it is soft yet fierce – just like a Mom.

I bought my first wax melt and warmer from Terri in 2018. It looks like a little fireplace, and my signature scent is Serenity. One time I ran out, the shop was closed so I made the mistake of going to Wal-Mart and getting some wax melts, what could go wrong right? Wrong. I had a terrible headache and it took me two weeks to get the scent out of my house and out of my mind. My grandma always says, “Bought sense is better than borrowed,” and I bought that sense from the scent. Okay, I’ll stop being so punny. 

Terri has done a lot of research on creating candles and wax melts that will not trigger allergens. Living in Lubbock, the last thing we need is something that triggers allergies. Terri can tell you the benefit of each oil that she uses, can pour your creation into almost anything. Ask her to pour you the Lubbock Mom Strong

Terri finds a Bible verse to go along with every scent in her shop – for Lubbock Mom Strong chose Proverbs 31:25-26.

Fragrance of Heaven has more than just candles and wax melts – it is a gift shop! Every vendor within the shop is a Lubbock Mom, except for Lee Elmer’s – he gets his little spot, just like men do at the closet at home. 

Fragrance of Heaven gift shop is located at 3501 50th Street, Suite 124 (shopping center behind Market Street on 50th and Indiana).





Paisley Pearl Boutique – Leggings (Tate & Tummy Control) $14.99 – 19.99

Here is what I love most about the Paisley Pearl Boutique – there is something for everyone! As someone who isn’t going to turn down a good meal, sometimes it is hard to find “extended size” clothing that you can wear to work or play. Paige specializes in just that. The primary model for Paisley Pearl – herself! I’m still trying to get on the model list and keep sending her “Will work for Clothes” hints to no avail … yet

How adorable is this entire outfit?! The one on the left will be in my mailbox by Saturday. 

The Tate Leggings are her bestseller. Remember how my grandma said that bought sense is bettered than borrowed? Well, I bought sense in waiting so long to get these leggings. They are my weekend running errands leggings. My wear-with-a-sweatshirt leggings. My lounge around the house and keeping clothes on just in case someone comes by leggings. My buy-two-in-every-color, every three months leggings. 

And they have pockets

Paige also blessed us with the Tummy Control Fleece Lined Leggings just in time to be #MyTurkeyPants at an unbeatable price ($14.99) that I went ahead and got two pairs.

Paisley Pearl is a thriving online boutique and doesn’t have a storefront yet, but still excellent customer service from a local Momma. 



Heavenly Sola Designs – Custom Lifelong Lasting Floral Arrangements 

What’s a sola wood flower? That was my first question to the owner and creator, Celeste. 
Sola Wood Flowers are a beautiful alternative to fresh flowers. 

The arrangements Celeste makes blow me away because they look so real. I contacted her about a small arrangement to give as a gift, and when I picked it up, I was already messaging her for a personal order for myself. 



High Cotton Creations – LBK Ornament ($8.00)

The creativity of Sarah is limitless. She has created these hand-crafted, laser-cut LBK  Christmas ornaments. They are the perfect gift for someone who bought a new house, just moved to Lubbock, or someone who misses the good old LBK. 

High Cotton Creations is a full-blown gift shop housed in KK’s Craft Mall: 6409 Indiana Avenue.




Emily Brown Designs – Meal Plan Notepad ($6.00)

The Calligraphy Queen of Lubbock is Emily Brown. 

Fun fonts make note-taking and calendar organization look nice, despite not always being fun. 

I watch her IG Stories like a TV show to see what she is up to and maybe catch a sneak peek at the Deal of the Week. 

Maybe I have more notepads than I do information to write on said notepads, but it’s fine. 

An excellent gift for anyone is the Meal Plan Notepad. We all eat, and some of us are more organized about it than others.

The notepad is the perfect size to keep in a purse or rip off a page for a Honey-Do to fold it up and put it in his back pocket and still call and ask you about something on the list. 

Emily’s biggest and best deals can be found on Small Business Saturday (November 27th) from 10 am – 4 pm with lots of new, never before talked about products and great deals. 

Emily Brown is in KK’s Courtyard: 6405 Indiana Avenue. 



Against the Grain – Paddle Board ($49.95)

Let me start by saying, I know the list is under $50, and I just hit you with the infomercial “one simple payment of $49.95,” but this is too good to pass up, plus standard engraving is included in the price. Forgive me now?

I was pumped when I stumbled upon this fantastic gift shop located in Shallowater. Y’all, she has custom tin pan carriers! I never thought of such a thing, and now I wonder how I made this far without it. 

The Paddle Board with Cheese and Knife set caught my attention because charcuterie [pronounced: char-coot-er-ee] is the best spin on Lunchables for adults and the easiest way to look bougie at any budget.

I keep three Lubbock Momtreprenure shark-coochie dealers in rotation – The Brazen Buffalo, Born & Bread Lubbock, and West Texas Charcuterie. They each have a special something that makes their boards unique, and they could jazz up the Paddle Board for you. 

I thought about getting one of these for my Dad because growing up, he had a paddle hanging in his office that had “Attitude Adjuster” written on it. When I get to the hangry point in the day, a shark-coochie board changes my entire attitude.  

Against the Grain is located at 7436 FM 1729, Shallowater.



Next up is the unconventional gift we all need… 

Clean Baby Seat – Basic TLC $45

Do you ever come across businesses that are absolute GENIUS ideas and kick yourself for not thinking of it? That’s Clean Baby Seat. 

Car seats are gross.

In 24-hours, Mia does some car seat cleaning awesomeness and makes them look new. You set out the seat, close the front door, and the next time you open it, there is a brand new car seat. If car seats weren’t so expensive, I’d swear she has a stash of brand new seats in her garage and swaps them out – that’s how clean they get.

Actual before and after of my child’s car seat:

Pro Tip: Adding that you had your seat cleaned with Clean Baby Seat on Trading Up will get you more bang for your buck in re-selling your car seat. 



Militia Design Ops – Custom Woodwork (starting at $12)

The last gift is one I recently gave to my Dad. I wanted something unique that he could display his service in the United States Air Force. Who better to make it than local Veterans?! Kalea and her husband are both Army veterans and create memorable gifts for any occasion. 

Y’all… I told them I wanted a wall-coatrack for his office, and they beyond exceeded what I could have ever imagined. The attention to detail and craftsmanship are impeccable. 

Militia Design Ops told me that it is a privilege and honor to create something special for their fellow servicemen and women

On behalf of Lubbock Moms:

Kalea, Omar, and all of those who have served and are serving – Thank You

Militia Design Ops operates out of their shop in Wolfforth, TX.


Whew! I hope this list provides a good starting point for your local Holiday shopping or any occasion. 

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  1. Great list of goodies!!! Definitely some of my favorite places to shop and some new ones that I can’t wait to check out!!


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