5 Things (Almost) Every Mom Needs To Hear As We Head Back To School

For some of us, those three little words send us straight to the liquor cabinet to pour ourselves a big ole helping of celebratory tequila. Cheers. 
For others, those three little words send us into a world of whoa is me- martyr-like despair as we think of our little dumplings getting older and how the summer just wasn’t long enough, dammit. 
But, no matter which category you are in, those three little words can send us into an absolute frenzy of self-doubt, stress, and “oh good lawd…. How can I be more creative with their school lunches this year?”
You may already be in the swing of things. You may have had the school supplies ordered since May. Gotta make sure and get those Clorox wipes that will be dried out by the time
August rolls around. You may have spreadsheets filled out with what to put in their bento box this year—so many ideas for all the five food groups. You might have made the cutesy little chalkboard sign that said what grade they are in and all their future aspirations, and you sent them on their way with a smile.
But, to be honest, we all know that you didn’t actually make the cutesy little chalkboard sign. It was Tammy from Hong Kong. Find her on Etsy. Digital download and print it on poster board at your nearest Walgreens, and voila. Anywho…. If you are that mom who has this whole back-to-school thing figured out and is patting herself on the back for having Emma’s outfits that she’ll be adorning to school folded and categorized until mid-October, then you can stop reading here. This little pep talk isn’t for you. 
But, if you are other moms… (me. I’m other moms), then keep reading, and if you bear with me till the end, I promise to have you feeling better about yourself. And, hopefully, I’ll
have eased your mind when it comes
to back to school. 

Here are 5 things (almost) every mom needs to hear as we send our kids back to school.


1. You aren’t the only one struggling.

Misery loves company. Do I wish for my mom peers to struggle? Noooooo. But, do I find comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one who sets the alarm to go off appropriately 58 times before I drag myself outta bed before 6 am five days a week? Well, hell yes. I also find comfort in knowing that I’m not the only mom who has walked her kid into school wearing two mismatched shoes and switched the kids’ lunchboxes twice in one week. I’ll never live it down. Imagine. Having to eat your sister’s Uncrustable when you specifically asked for a ham and cheese Lunchable? Throws the whole family off-kilter. Back to school. It’s a struggle.  


2. It’s ok to do something for yourself that brings YOU joy. (This is one I have a H A R D time with too.)

Just because the kids are back at school for a huge bulk of the day doesn’t mean that you have to get all the things done that you never got done over the summer because ….well, because…. “Mommy,  Mommy, Mommy.”  The laundry can wait another day, skip the grocery store and order some H‑E‑B delivery, and why clean the house just for it to turn into a complete disaster again once the kids are home from school?

Kick your feet up and dig into your hidden stash of peanut m&ms in the wide-open comfort of your own living room. Turn on some trashy reality tv, book a pedi, do some online shopping in peace, do some reading! May I recommend the comment section of your local news station’s Facebook page? And, yes, I’m well aware that my idea of self-care might not be the same as yours, but whatevs. You do you. Just make sure while you are doing you that you permit yourself to throw some things in there that brings you all the joy!


3. Let go of the Mom Guilt!

Newsflash! It weighs you down. This is actually something to remember all year long! But, we mamas are wired to feel guilty about EVERYTHING. And, back to school brings out the best of all the regrets and ways for us to second guess ourselves. It’s ok if you sent your munchkins off to school with a belly full of lucky charms and chocolate chip muffins.

Ya fed them? Right? Lose the guilt. It’s ok if you forgot class picture day and you sent little Johnny to school in a Space Jam t-shirt with a chocolate stain on it. You’ll laugh about it later. Lose the guilt. It’s OK if your preschooler knows a four-letter word that he may or may not have heard from you, and he proceeds to say said word during the show and tell on things that start with F week. At least he’s expressive. Lose the Fu…. Ahem. Lose the guilt. 


4. Other parents’ decisions do not need to dictate yours.

So what if Sophie has a phone in first grade when you have a strict no-phone rule until your kids are at least twenty-five. So what if Jayden has no bedtime and stays up till 10 playing Roblox when you like your munchkins tucked in by 8… at the latest. So what if the Percy twins come to school donning the latest brand names from head to toe and eat lunches of organic hummus wraps and mini charcuterie boards while your babes are dressed in Cat and Jack and are eating a sandwich out of a package? So what? Only you know what’s good for your family and your kids. And, besides …. I really, really, really like Cat & Jack. If only they made their cute little sequin shirts for moms. 


And, the final thing you need to remember as the kids get back to school…
This one deserves a drumroll…

5. You don’t have to arrive at the school pick-up line two and a half hours before school gets out.

Nuff said. 

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  1. Good article! Especially the “other parents decisions don’t need to dictate yours”. Amen!
    Keep writing and sharing Neely. You are an encouragement to many.


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