6 Guilty Mom Pleasures That I Don’t Feel Guilty About


If you are a mom, then you more than likely struggle with mom guilt. There’s just no way around it. It’s how we are wired. From the second those little munchkins come into this world, we can find SOMETHING to make us feel guilty.

“Am I making enough milk?” Guilt.

“Is it bad that I stopped breastfeeding?” Guilt.

“Is it bad that I let him sleep in bed with me all night?” Guilt.

“Did she stay on the iPad for too long?” Guilt.

“Is it bad that I gave her the iPad at all?” Guilt.

“Are they scarred for life because I said a bad word in front of them when I was counting my gray hairs this morning?” Guilt.

And more guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt.

Oh, and mom-influencers of Instagram, you only make it worse. How DO you find the time to change clothes approximately 962 times a day and prance around in a sparkling, non-sticky, mess-free kitchen while showing us your new ultra miracle coffee maker of the month that you got for free just because you are cute, all the while your children sit quietly at a table making care baskets for homeless pets in China. How do you do that? I can’t do that. More, MOM GUILT because I am not that mom, and I am not doing that.

The guilt. It can be consuming!

This is why you guilt-infested mama. You need some guilty pleasures that you shouldn’t feel guilty about. Not even for a second.

I know it’s easier said than done because, as I mentioned before, we are just wired to worry and feel that ol’ hashtag mom guilt for every single thing that we do that might not be so picture-perfect. But, if it brings you some joy and makes you a happier individual, it might not be such a bad thing. After all, kiddos have the intuition to know when mama is stressed and overworked. So allow yourself some guilty pleasures not just for yourself but for those who love you.

I’ve listed some of my guilty pleasures that I am not going to feel guilty about. Not even a little bit.

1. My secret candy stash

I won’t reveal where it is because, as I said, it’s a secret. There are just some things you don’t want to share. For me, it’s my family-size bag of m&ms. When all hell is breaking loose, and there’s an epic war going down in the living room over what to watch on Netflix (Barbie’s Dreamhouse or Sonic Underground), my secret stash understands me. It doesn’t talk back. It’s always there for me. And, it gives me that little sugar sustenance that I need to get out there and referee the battle going on in my living room. A handful of chocolate can do so much.

2. My coffee addiction

I know that I am not alone in this. You know those people that say, “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.” That’s me. I seriously can’t function until a dose of caffeine has been administered. It’s almost like there’s something magical inside that grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte; add two stevias that give me superpowers so that I can conquer the day that lies ahead of wiping butts and boogers! And, if you are like me and frequent Starbucks daily, it can get expensive. But, it gives me SUPERPOWERS, and you can’t put a price on that.



3. Online shopping

This might be my guiltiest that I’m not going to feel guilty about of all. Amazon Prime and Target are my vices! Tip- get the Target Red Card for 5% off everything and free two-day shipping! Hello Godsend! Online shopping is a big part of my day. Are you running low on diapers? Add to cart. Are you running low on dry shampoo? Add to cart. Are you running low on fruit snacks? Add to cart. Are you running low on steam? You don’t even have to leave the house! Anything you need, ADD TO CART! It helps you feel like you have accomplished something for the day, even if you are still in your pajamas. It’s truly exhilarating!

4. Taking a bath

I have a problem with collecting bath salts and bath bombs. It’s an obsession. So many different brands and fragrances and colors align my bathtub like a rainbow of beautiful smelling decor. I finally realized that I didn’t actually mean to collect all the self-care suds, but they just were not getting used because I refused to take care of myself by allowing myself some me time. Therefore all the bath bombs and bubbles and bath salts were sitting there serving zero purposes other than to entice my two-year-old to throw them in the toilet and try to flush them down. It was then that I realized that I need to start using these things before he messes up any more of our plumbing. So even if it is just to save our plumbing, I resolve to take more baths and relish in thirty minutes of alone time. I will stop collecting bath bombs and start using them. This is my time to say Rub a dub dub – leave me alone and go ask my hub!

5. Reality-TV

Make fun all you want, but there’s just something about watching the train wrecks that ensue on the reality tv that I watch that make me feel so much better about my life and the great job I’m doing as a mother. There are some real train wrecks out there, and getting to watch a couple of hour’s worth of train wreck once the kids are in bed is something I look forward to. From the Real Housewives to Vanderpump Rules to the Bachelor, I’m all in! After watching Blippi and Paw Patrol all day, it’s a nice little break to watch drunken brawls, table dances, and girls pulling each other’s extensions out, all while lying in the comfort of my king-sized bed and not having to answer to anyone. It’s the feeling of freedom and looking forward to it that gets me through the day. Some might say I need a life. I say, Nah, just a couple of hours.

6. Playing my kids’ favorite video game – by myself

Now before you start in on me, Judgey Judy, I’m not saying I sit around mindlessly playing plants vs. zombies in the basement with a headset on while my children wreak havoc on the rest of the house. I’m way too helicopter mom-ish for that sort of thing. But, I do indulge in the Just Dance video game. Thirty minutes – Every single day. Being a mom took a toll on my time working on my summer bod at the gym.

Ok. I never actually worked on my summer bod at the gym. I never even had a summer bod. Just Dance does get me working up a sweat, it works out all my body parts that need toning up, and it’s super fun! I am a gal that HATES to work out! But I look forward to my little video game dance workout every day! And I’ve lost pounds and inches doing so! I am working on myself without ever leaving the house, AND it’s also something that my kids and I can do to get quality time together and get in some good exercise. Bonus? The next time I get a night out, I can’t wait to show off my choreographed dance skills to Britney Spears and Meagan Trainor. Talk about being the coolest mom in the club—#Goals.


So, there you have it. There are just some things in life that make us a better and more fulfilled person. Those are only a few of mine. And, while they might be referred to as guilty pleasures, I ain’t guilty about them. Not one bit.

What are YOUR guilty pleasures as a mom?



  1. I can definitely agree with the secret candy stash and playing video games by myself. I hate playing video games with my kids! They are the worst! I don’t even feel bad when they come into the living room and I’m playing Lego Jurrasic Park on the XBOX and ask if they can play and I respond with a resounding “NO!” 🤣

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