Being Thankful in 2020 – Is it Possible?



Let that sink in.


Still not any better, right? From this day forward, any time we hear mention of the year 2020, it will hold a negative connotation in our minds. 


Ahhh, the year that all the world went to “shite on a shingle,” as my Irish mother would say. The year that would forevermore be remembered as the most craptastic train wreck, hot mess of a year in the history of ever. 

2020, you suck! 2020, whoa is me! 2020, what else can go wrong! 2020, it’s your fault people aren’t wearing masks. 2020, it’s your fault people are wearing masks. 2020, it’s your fault people are voting for that guy. 2020, no, it’s your fault people are voting for THAT guy. 2020, it’s your fault I have to work more hours. 2020, it’s your fault I am out of a job and can’t work at all. 2020, it’s your fault that all of my coworkers saw me in my ratty, nine-year-old granny panties because hello impromptu Zoom meeting. 2020, it’s ALL your fault. Everything is your fault.

Basically, I think I am speaking for a majority when I say that 2021 can’t get here quickly enough. Let’s get this S$:! show of a year behind us, OK?  

This year has given most of us a significant beating—some more than others. If you had told me this time last year that I’d end the year wearing a mask every time I went in public and had to stand six feet away from my fellow patrons while perusing the cosmetics aisle at Target, I would have laughed in your face. And, I wouldn’t have even been wearing a mask. The nerve of me, I know! If you had told me that I would go four whole freakishly long months without even seeing the inside of a Target, I’d never have believed that scenario. But things have changed, my friends. And, as we finally, finally, freaking finally near the end of this despicable year and look ahead to all the beautiful possibilities of a (hopefully) pandemic free future, I want to enjoy the rest of this year. 

I want to enjoy today. This day. The day that the Lord has made. 

I am asking you to join me in this endeavor. I am asking you to go ahead and permit yourself to be happy. It’s 2020! I know it might take some coaxing, but you can do it. I am here for ya! If I need to give you a ring every morning and yell into your ear, “hell freaking yeah, it’s 2020!” I’m your girl! Think of me as your accountability coach!

Surely, you have something to be super thankful for in 2020, am I right? 

Here are some things that I am thankful for this year! Maybe it will inspire you to think about your blessings and see 2020 in a different light. 

1. Healthy Kids 

Did your kids wake up this morning? Are they healthy? Give gratitude! I know I sure do. Every time I see their sweet, sleepy little faces and prepare for another day that I GET to be their mom, I don’t care what year we are in. It’s a good day! Any day that I get to have my kids around me (and usually hanging off me), is a perfect day. 

My three biggest blessings

2. A Healthy Family

The fact that this crap (as we refer to it in Texas) hasn’t gotten the best of my family is something I give utter joy to every single day. I know that’s not the case for so many, and I am deeply saddened and heartbroken for those of you that have dealt with sickness and loss during this horrible pandemic. Every night, I pray that God continues to offer protection from this horrific disease to those who need it most.


3. A Healthy Me

I may not always feel my healthiest because, hello, I’m a mom. I’m running on fumes and caffeine most days. But, hallelujah, I am for the MOST part healthy, and I can work, take care of my kids, and do all those other tiresome (yet so much fun) Mom-ly things.

100% frazzled and thankful!

4.The Roof Over My Head

I tell you what – my family and I have made many great memories while staying home under this roof during the quarantine. It’s been our safe haven, the place we can run around mask free and touch all the things and not worry about germs. Plus, if we want to run around in our undies, that’s OK too, unless you have a zoom meeting scheduled. And, in that case, put some damn pants on. Or don’t. It’s 2020. Anything goes.

If it weren’t for 2020, we wouldn’t have had near as many bathroom concerts.

5. Technology

A blessing and a curse. But, how would we have survived 2020 without it? Just think of 2020 with no Netflix. There would be no Tiger King. No technology would mean no virtual birthday parties (a term I didn’t even know this time last year). There would be no pantless Zoom meetings. There would be no Tik-Tok videos from people who think they are funny, but they’re not. #sorrynotsorry. There would be no fighting on the internet about masks, toilet paper, and political agendas. Can you even imagine?


6. Food In My Belly       

Without 2020 I never would have discovered all those delicious, succulent, Pinterest worthy recipes that I whipped up and proudly put on the kitchen table every night. OK, that wasn’t me. I never whipped up a Pinterest worthy meal in the history of ever. BUT, without 2020, I never would have discovered all the fantastic local eateries that we have right here in our city, yall! It’s been a glorious time! And, it has added some superb lbs to my waistline, but who’s counting. I’ve been doing my part to support local businesses! And, when these local businesses provide curbside and delivery to my door with queso AND a pitcher of margs… then they are doing THEIR part to support me.


7. The Add to Cart Button

If there is anything 2020 has taught me, I can shop from home with the best of them! And, lots of local places offer online shopping AND curbside pickup! You seriously don’t even have to put a bra on to shop! Count me in! And, with the holidays upon us, I’ll be spending lots of time not wearing a booby wig (as my 5-year-old calls it) and adding to the cart! Maybe I need to add one of them their booby wigs to the cart while I’m at it.

7. Essential Workers

While we’ve been bitching and moaning this year about all that is 2020, there are people amongst us that have been putting their lives at risk daily. That is a group of angels here on earth that we could not have gotten by without this year. That would be those essential workers and professionals. Doctors, nurses, everyone in the medical field, law enforcement, salon technicians (essential in my book), I am thankful for you!


So, yes! It is 2020. And, yes, I am thankful for that! And, yes, I am grateful that it is almost over!

What are you thankful for this year? Tell us the ways that you have been blessed in 2020!



  1. Oh,Neely! Loved this one! It made me
    completely rethink 2020..I am blessed that all my family at this point by the grace of God is healthy! I am blessed that God has helped me to keep my JOY! And by the way,YOU and Becky have been a huge part of that! Just by the awesome talent God gave you of your writings that keep me lifted up almost daily! Thank you sweetheart!
    I have been blessed that I have two daughters that love this old woman and take such care to see that I am well ,have plenty of everything I need ,and guards me like two pit bulls against any of the hazards that come along with this covid mess. I haven’t been in a grocery store in so long,I ‘ve forgotten how to shop!I ,like you,have enjoyed home shopping like never before ,except for the fact that I have a tendency to get drawn in by the “specials” sometimes! My David always told me,”Babe,it ain’t a bargain if you don’t need it!”ha.That sweet voice of my late husband has kept me from a lot of useless bargains!!!
    So….I agree with you my sweet friend…lets be grateful for our blessings and stop cursing does no good and if we stick together… we will enter 2021 with this same JOY that God has blessed us with!! That makes me shout hallelujah!!!
    I want to add one thing… heart hurts that you lost your precious Grandfather to covid.. I didn’t realize what the cause was…I just know that its all the Lords timing,and we just need to be ready..I believe your Grandfather is happy,healed,and walkin the streets of Paradise!!!
    Keep up these awesome “food for thought” stories.. They feed my brain with sweet thoughts each time I read them! Love and prayets to you and that sweet family of yours!!!

  2. Thanks so much Miss Donna! You are always so encouraging! And, I am inspired by your ability to find the joy in everything! We just adore you so much! Thank you for being YOU!

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