Confessions Of A Helicopter Mom


What’s that hovering over in the distance? It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a helicopter mom. That’s me. I am fully aware that I am what you call a helicopter mom. It’s so bad that my husband makes helicopter sound effects while I’m matching my one-year-old’s every step on the playground. And, by the way – the whole “clear the way and make room for landing” joke is getting a little old. It was funny, like the first 180 times. Yes, I get it. I am a helicopter mom! 

It all started when my first child was born. But, everyone is like that with their first, right? They don’t send you home from the hospital with an owner’s manual.  Here you are with this little bitty, innocent creature that you were chosen to care for, but you really have no idea what in the heck you are doing. It’s a lot to take in. Maybe that’s how it happened. This desire to always protect my children and keep them away from harm. As a mother, that’s in our instinct, right? But, maybe I was taking it a little too far by putting floaties on my daughter while giving her her first bath. After all, we bathed her in the bathroom sink. But, still, you just never know. However, that’s when I first heard the term Helicopter Mom. My husband called me that, and I had to google it. What I found was, “Helicopter parents, just like helicopters, hover closely and are rarely out of reach, whether their children need them or not.” – HuffPost. Ouch. And, yes, that was me. Always ready to swoop in. 

For those that want to see a helicopter mom in action, just join my kids and me on a trip to the Science Spectrum sometime. I don’t see the other moms or get to chat with them in the play area because I am too busy hovering over my own children to notice anything else. But, I know they are there. Those laid back moms who just take it all in stride. So what if their two-year-old has taken his clothes off and is bathing in the giant water table? “Eh- he’ll just do it once, right?” Wink, wink.  You don’t hear me say anything. You just hear those blades turning as I circle over my kids, making sure that they don’t trip over one of the plastic bananas in the kids pretend supermarket. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just relax? 

And, with each child, it has only gotten worse. After all, there is only one helicopter and three kids, and that calls for a lot of hovering. Funny how you become the kind of parent that you swore you’d never become. Why am I doing this to myself? To my kids? Why must I hover at every birthday party, a trip to the playground, playdate, and beyond? I know that I get made fun of.  Heck, I even make fun of myself. Especially at the end of the day when the kids are asleep, and the helicopter can land for a few hours, and my back is killing me from running behind a toddler all day and picking him up twenty-one times within thirty minutes. But, is being super involved really such a bad thing? So what if I am a little overprotective? So, what if I want to wrap them up in bubble wrap and make sure nothing wrong ever happens to them? I know that I can’t stop them from getting hurt every time, but I love them so much that I’m going to dang sure try. Hell, I’d swaddle them till age five if I could. Would it really be that bad to keep them in training wheels till they turn 8? 

The thing is, I am just not ready to land this aircraft. We live in a world now where you really never can be too safe. And, if waiting at the bottom of the slide on the playground for my one-year-old to slide down is considered to be helicopter parenting, then so be it. I may have just saved him from getting a broken arm. When they get older, and I get a sense that one of them might be in danger, you better believe I am going to swoop in and be there for them. I am their mother. I will always try to lead them down the right path. It’s what I was put on this earth to do. I just don’t know how to go to the playground with my kids and be the chill mom sitting on the bench surfing her Instagram feed. And, if that’s you – that’s ok too. It’s just not who I am. I am the mom who takes their kids to the park and is equipped with sunscreen, snacks, bug spray, sanitizer, band-aids, and perfect running shoes for chasing little ones wherever they may go. 

As a Helicopter Mom, I do draw the line somewhere. I will not fight my children’s battles, do their school work for them, or make their decisions. Even I can realize that there are some things that they need to take responsibility for and that they need to make their own decisions to grow and be the smart, successful adults that they aspire to be. But, if I hover too tightly over my three-year-old at the neighborhood pool or if I stand too close as my five-year-old climbs a tree, then that’s ok. You can call me The Helicopter Mom. For keeping my children safe is a badge that I will always wear proudly. Now, if I am still wiping their butts at age 12…. That is when we have problems. 

Photo Credit: Ashley Marie Photography

What “type” of mom are you? Helicopter Mom, Pinterest Mom, Free Range Mom, The Cool Mom. Working Mom, Stay At Home Mom, Feed Your Kids Cereal For Dinner Mom?

To heck with the labels! If you love your kids and just want the best for them while trying your very hardest to give them that, then you, my friend, are a SPECTACULAR Mom! 

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