Five Friday Favorites: Mother’s Day Edition

Hey mamas!!!! Happy Mother’s Day! No, I don’t need to take another look at the calendar. Yes, I already know that Mother’s Day is not until this Sunday, BUT…. we seriously have the most difficult, most important, yet most rewarding job in the entire world…. so, yeah … we get the whole weekend. Not just a day. Not just a lunch. Not just an hour massage (although that does sound nice), not just a pack of Eggo mini waffles and cold eggs, aka breakfast in bed. We get the weekend. We get it all. No, if’s, and or buts. Done deal – OK. 
Now, here’s some (very last minute) ideas to tell your kids…(but, really your significant other ) to get you for Mother’s Day. We need to celebrate you properly! Remember, YOU deserve it, mama!
These are things that I have either gotten for Mother’s Day in the past or things that I have asked for this year…… and best be getting, or I know three kids who will be grounded from their iPads and video games. OK, I’m not that harsh. But, their daddy might or might not end up sleeping in the basement for a few nights. Kidding. He’d like that way too much.
Floral perfection! My last arrangement from Marble
& Co.

1. Flowers

It sounds like a no-brainer, right? However, I’m not talking about just any old bouquet of wilted daisies that you pick up at the end cap of your nearest grocery store aisle. Tell your significant other… I mean…. your kids to give my fave local florist a call! Marble & Co. is locally owned, and the arrangements that Kelly Marble … (owner of Marble & Co.) put together is a work of art. He and his team of floral magicians put so much thought into their arrangements. If you get a Marble and Co arrangement, you know you’ve done something right. Take it up a notch (like my sweet dad does for my mom) and have them delivered to your door once a month. YOU deserve it! 


2. Kendra Scott Butterfly Necklace

I don’t have this yet, and to be honest, I am putting it in this post in hopes that my husband… I mean, my kids… yeah, my kids will read it and know that I need this in my jewelry collection! Like most gals, I love some Kendra Scott jewelry. So many different styles and designs to choose from. I tend to go for the simple pieces that you can throw on with anything. And, I have a thing for butterflies. Butterflies are extraordinary because I know that my amazing grandma LuLu who resides in heaven, now comes to see me in my times of need as a white butterfly. But that’s for another blog post. I’m just sayin’ I NEED this butterfly beauty around my neck. Butterflies are a symbol of renewal, hope, and courage, so really, I think we all need a little butterfly around our necks!



All caps because I get all excited just thinking about it! If you are reading this Friday Favorites, chances are you are a mom. And, chances are… your house is not in the tip-top shape that you would like for it to be because … kids. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with a professional house cleaning as a Mother’s Day gift! Crumbs, Crayola on the walls, and crap. Yes, I said crap because if you haven’t cleaned poop off of your shower walls, are you really a parent?) All of it! You deserve a day off from it! Let someone else do the heavy lifting of the vacuum while you soak in the tub with a glass of rose’ and enjoy those blissful five minutes where your house is actually clean. Aaaaaaah!                                                                      (Also….. off subject, but I’m taking recommendations on a reliable housekeeper because mine stopped showing up, and mama needs those precious five minutes where my house is spotless! )


4. A subscription box!

As if my online shopping addiction wasn’t bad enough …… enter cratejoy. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. Cratejoy is your one-stop-shop for subscription boxes. They literally have every single kind of subscription box that you can think of! And, I do mean anything and everything! The tampon of the month club, anyone? Hey, you’ll most likely need it once a month. Flo real, though. Sorry. I had to. And, who wouldn’t want a subscription box dedicated to pickles of the month? At your door. Every month. It’s the real dill y’all. My gosh, Cratejoy even offers subscription boxes for beef jerky sticks. Sing it with me now “it’s my stick in a box.” OK. I’ll stop. But, seriously, Cratejoy has it all. From self-care to socks. From comic books to cosmetics. From stationary to succulents. Cratejoy has shown me that there is a subscription box for everything. Even tampons. 


Actual alone time certificate from the hubs

5. Alone time

This, my friends, is my very favorite thing on this list. And, it costs nothing! You have to ask for it. Some time alone. The holy grail of all Mother’s Day gifts. And, it ends up being a gift for everyone because it makes you a better mama when you take some time for yourself to recharge. I know that you love those little darlings that call you mama, and I know that you adore your time with them. If you are like me, maybe you just spent two hours in your driveway with a five-year-old drawing a mural of pooping dinosaurs with sidewalk chalk. It doesn’t get more exciting. So,  why would ya need some time away from that? Ya do. Also, if you are like me, you won’t normally ask for even a second alone because of that ol’ mom guilt. She’s a real B, right?

But, for some reason, on Mother’s Day, I ain’t afraid to beg. Er… ask. Because Mother’s Day is about moms and what better way to celebrate you than by penciling in a night that you can soak in the tub for a whole 30 minutes without hearing “mommy, mommy, mommy,” then cuddle up to a bag of double stuffed Oreos and not have to share all while catching up on your crime documentaries. By all means – go crazy. Go all out, girl! But, I promise you that during that much deserved alone time, you’ll find yourself scrolling through pictures on your iPhone of the ones that call you mama.  You’ll laugh and wonder why you even asked for a night off in the first place. They are in the next room, but your heart misses them more than you can bear, so you invite them in for Oreos in bed, and the Bluey marathon on Disney Jr. Crime documentaries are overrated.  

What are you asking for Mother’s Day? Sound off with your best Mother’s Day faves! We’d love to hear them!

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