Yo Dads! Take The Dang Picture!


I’ve got a confession.

I hate having my picture taken. It’s one thing if I have a family photo sesh scheduled for the yearly Christmas cards, and I’ve had a chance to make myself presentable ahead of time. Hair, makeup, nails, toes, chin hairs plucked, you know – the usual. I can almost stomach that for 30 minutes or so. 

But, when I’m at a party or a family bbq or on vacation or just out with friends for a super rare night out, and someone suggests a group pic or, even worse, snaps a pic without my consent for me to find later on Facebook after I’ve been tagged in 19 photos with my mouth gaping open, looking cross-eyed, or my butt looking two sizes too big … it totally sends me into a state of utter, pulse racing panic mode anxiety.

This is where I start belittling myself. “Gah— do I really look that old? Is my butt really that big? Can you see my mommy pooch? Is my left eye a little wonky? Why is my smile so crooked? Have my arms gotten bigger? Why have my arms gotten bigger?” And on and on and on. 

So, this is why it will come as a major surprise when you hear what I’m about to say.

Ahem. Where my sperm donors at? (Dads, husbands, baby daddies, stepdads, stay-at-home dads, working dads… I’m talking to you!)

Okey dokey. Now that I have your undivided attention – take the damn picture!

You can look through the mother of your children’s phone and find 9901 photos of you with your sweet little munchkins on any given day. I mean, you wearing that pink tiara and playing princess with your little darling is SUPER sweet – so of course, there are pictures! 

But, how many do you see of your sweet little munchkins with their mama? I’m guessing you could probably count on one hand the number of images you see of ol’ mama with her little angels.

This is because mommy has probably outgrown the selfie stage, so she’s not taking them herself, and when y’all are on a family vacation, a trip to the ice cream parlor, your toddler’s birthday party, or even just chillaxing at home for a #movienight, she’s not going to ask you to take a photo with her in it. She may feel awkward asking for such a thing when she so freely snaps #daddypics every time you so much as smile at one of your spawns.

Hence the 9001 photos of YOU on her phone.

And, she probably wouldn’t have it any other way. If she’s like me, she enjoys capturing treasured memories of her kids with their father. With that said, she probably wouldn’t mind having a few treasured memories captured of her with her little young ’uns too. But she’s so used to being the one behind the lens that it just feels silly even to ask to get a #mommypic.

Or maybe, just maybe, she’s a lot like me and doesn’t really like to have her photo snapped. Especially when she hasn’t prepared to have her photo snapped. She still hasn’t dropped those last five lbs; she hasn’t washed her hair in a week, she’s not wearing a stitch of makeup, she’s in her raggedy t-shirt and sweats – again. Excuses, excuses for not sucking it up, saying cheese, and getting her pic taken.

So, it would be best if you did it anyway – and I promise you that she AND your children will thank you later.

So to reiterate, dads – take the picture.

Someday it will be all your children will have of their mother. There will always be plenty of photos of you for your children to look back on – tiara and all. You can bet that she will make damn sure of that. So, please do the same for her.

You’ve got your phone in your hand anyway. Quit checking football scores on Twitter and take the picture.

Take pictures so they can see her unwavering love for them.

Take pictures so they can see how she played with them.

Take pictures so they can see the pride she has for them. They’ll see it in her smile.

Take pictures so they can see how goofy she is with them, and they can look back and laugh at how much their mama loved to jump on the trampoline and would pee herself every time she did.


Please take pictures of her rocking them, singing to them, bathing them, doing cartwheels with them, crying with them, laughing with them, and sleeping with them. Take pictures of her licking the spoon with them, chasing butterflies with them, having living room dance parties with them, running through the sprinkler with them, blowing bubbles with them, swimming with them… yes – rocking that gorgeous #mombod and all!


Dads – take the damn picture!

And Moms… let him.

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